The last time you held me, still fresh in my mind
Your grip so tight, that your warmth radiated
Our bodies so close, no air was between us
That moment in your arms, hasn’t yet faded

The finality of your embrace, made me memorize
The kisses on my temple, drove my lips to yours
Our breaths became one, and actions started speaking
Thirty seconds in, and I deeded you my soul

I knew I’d have to cherish it, until we met again
So, I gave away my heart, thinking it was the end

The yearning for your scent, haunts my dreams every night
The lack of your presence, brings with it reminiscence 
Years have passed by, and your specter still lingers
Without you around, I am unable to find my solace

Now I wait, to feel your body move against me
This hope never diminishes, to have your hands back in mine
I long to have your fingers, tangled in my tresses
I crave to have our tongues, once again intertwine


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